Got my first strat that I comfortably running untouched for a full 2 months using Miyagi 10in1 Counter trend setting only Should've made 30%+ on first month but I interfere when I shouldn't causing it to lose 20%, still made a chill 10%ish on the month even after the loss. Confident going into new year 📈

I could finally find the best indicators in the market. I really like the various possibilities to create and adapt the bots with your own style of trading. Now I have consistently been profitable reaching my target of +30% monthly!
Thanks so much Miyagi team! 🙂

From someone that has been through many indicators and spent $$$ on them, Miyagi + Wickhunter has been the best thing that has happened with crypto trading, not only are the indicators Top notch with No BS repaints but the support and community here are just damn amazing 🙂 and not to mention always active. You pay for a subscription you get the indicators and also be put in a group with professionals that will help and share strategies and ideas no need to buy a indicator and then spend extra to be put in a group with professional's to guide you. Miyagi is a ONE STOP SHOP with everything you need

Oh man, so happy with my decision to subscribe to the Degen Alerts i could jump for joy. Finally, we have a tool managed by @[MI] TraderTodd.eth , nearly hands off and works great if you know how to use safe settings. Thanks again to show us how to trade Safely and wise. Of course i can't forget my mentor @1ms leading me through all the settings and fine tuning the bot. So again, a big thanks to all of you guys creating this golden tool. I am impressed.

Miyagy Group is not just a trading group, is more like a family where one always get an answer and support. Regarding indicators I wish I would have had these the last bull run :-))

I have known and traded with Todd for two years and I am yet to meet a more genuine and honest person. Miyagi epitomises his values and the community he has built around it is amazing. He and the team are at hand to help and support the trader journey and education and the community is supportive and non judgemental. Thank you Miyagi dream team!

I have been in crypto since 2017 when BTC was at 2k price. Sometimes I trade with crypto, some years I did a break from crypto space. Since last year I am more active in crypto again. Since 1 week I use Miyagi Signals, which is not a long time, I know. I do bot trading since 9 months now and I been also subscribed to other signal provider and premium indicators for automated trading. I am very happy with Miyagi signals and extended my subscription time yesterday before the BTC drop of -19% appears. If people don't know how to setup bot trading, futures account (with PnL, collateral, margin,...) or a working risk management for their portfolio, it's not fault from Wickhunter or Miyagi. Thank you for your work dear Miyagi team and I am happy to see what comes in the future 🇹🇭 🇩🇪

TraderTodd.eth is a :KingCrypto:, I've been able to produce about 35% in under a month using degen settings. Some 5m signals but mostly 1m. Don't sleep on this.

The best thing about Degenalerts is that out of 550 trades my bot has taken over the one month only 30 hit more than 1 DCA to me that is very important as it means quick IN & OUT most of the time.

Degenalerts provides astonishingly accurate signals and they only keep getting better !!!

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Try Miyagi
Indicators for free

Unlock the secrets of Miyagi Trading! Simply provide us with your email address and receive our exclusive overview PDF straight to your inbox.

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